Posted by: Daisy | August 22, 2009

Why I suck as a Facebook Friend

I can certainly appreciate Facebook.  It’s allowed me to reconnect and/or stay in touch with people in a new way that can work really well.  It allows friends and family to share those awesome photos and videos and helps us all stay connected and ‘in the know’ about what’s happening in each others’ lives, on our terms.  We decide when and how often and to what degree we want to stay connected.  It’s a powerful tool.

Then, there’s the flipside – we decide when, how often, and to what degree… I’m reminded of why I simply suck as a facebook friend.  In no particular order:

#1) I don’t log on that often.  I only log on if some event urges me to (ie, Facebook sends me an email regarding something of utter importance, like someone sent me a facebook email or something).  I’ve turned off the majority of the email alerts so that I am only notified when someone does something on facebook that is directed at me, and seems to warrant a response.  And even then, when I get the email notification, I simply forward the email from facebook to the person’s email address and respond via email.  Not a good facebook user.

#2) I don’t see everyone’s status updates.  Well, that would be because of #1 – I rarely log on.  I have found out that people’s lives have changed drastically, and if I had only logged on every so often, I might have realized they got married, or had a baby or two, and then divorced or something like that.  No, no, nothing like that happened; though it could.  Now to be fair, people who are dear dear friends, I suspect they’ll let me know of their major status changes via something a bit more traditional like email, phone, or in-person heart-to-heart chats – I just feel a bit like a smuck for being so out of it.

#3) Do we really need a third reason?  It seems #1 and #2 are quite bad enough as is.  Needless to say, I simply suck at logging in, updating my status, doing all the crazy apps, writing on people’s walls, commenting on people’s pics, engaging in conversation, that sort of thing.  I suck.

You wanna be my friend?

– Daisy



  1. Yes, yes I would. You sound like you’d be a lot less work than most of my friends. 🙂

    Seriously, I use Facebook a fair bit because I have several relatives abroad and it is just the best way to keep in touch. Having said that, I go through phases of not logging on at all. I see all these sites as a tool to be used in the way that suits the individual. The best part about FB so far is that it has put me in touch with a branch of the family who I have never met. We hope to rectify that soon and I’m really pleased.

    I’m extra busy on there at the moment because I’m on holiday and it’s nice to rub peoples noses in that. 🙂 If you’d like to add me to the list of people you ignore, visit*****

    Greetings from a very sunny Spain by the way.

    Thanks Jono, that’s very sweet. But seriously, you don’t need another way for me to ignore you. It’s bad enough I can’t seem to go visit your site on a regular basis anymore, I’ll feel ever more guilty that I won’t log into facebook to see your latest status update, and/or photos, and such. Spain eh? I’m sure if I kept up to date, a trip to Spain wouldn’t have been a surprise! Have fun out there, and enjoy your vacation – Daisy

  2. I use facebook, it’s the only way I can find out whats happeing in my little sisters life! haha, I do love Farm Town though

    Yes, it’d keep me in the loop on others’ lives.. if only I logged in on a regular basis. – Daisy

  3. LOM and I use it – we both love FarmTown and Hatchlings! I have quite a few friends on there but I choose only to see posts from a select few and to have NO email notifications! It does mean I keep up to date with things and even my mother at 86 is a user!!

    Hmm, no email notifications.. that sounds really brave! I haven’t checked out FarmTown and Hatchlings – I just might some day – Daisy

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