Posted by: Daisy | September 3, 2009

Going postal, wall-by-wall

We don’t have to agree on everything, but we need to respect each others’ opinions and how we go about doing our thing. So, it comes to a boil as I’ve been painting all these long hours for all these days, that Houston, who sits in the room pointing out all the flaws of ‘my way’ needs to be quiet once in a while.

I’m a pretty good project manager. I know the critical timelines, I know the budget, I know the responsibilities of the different individuals or groups. I know what work impacts what timelines, and I know which things are done concurrently, and which are done consecutively. And, it’s all in my head, since painting is a relatively small project.

early August – discussion of the premises – these are the things that will impact the length of time it takes to paint it – you’ve got to tell me about these kinds of things – do we have any? No? Good.
Aug 26 – first viewing of premises – Houston, we have a problem. Timelines are going to be impacted – too many issues that slows down the process. Daisy’s solution, we will not be painting the built-in storage, though we’ll paint the walls behind it. Also, this closet will remain unpainted and we’ll leave the kitchen and bathroom as is. This closet looks good – leave it. I will keep you posted.
Aug 28 – Houston, it’s extremely slow-going. Remember we talked about the things that impact the length of time to paint? You increased the scope of work and now I need outside help to do portions of the work. That means we need to really juggle time effectively (someone’s gotta watch the kid). The laundry room won’t get done, and I’ll have to find time during the week to finish it off.
Aug 29 – Houston, we’re having more issues. One wall is bubbling. We think it’s related to the previous coats of paint done by the previous owners since we’re giving it plenty of time to dry. We’ll need to repair it. Impacts: I’m going to run out of time, and won’t have any time to do a good clean-up job. You’ll need to clean it up, though I’ll try my best.
Aug 30 – Houston, primer is done, first coat is done, still need another coat. Plus, the baseboards. Issue – I only have a few nights this week available to do this. Remember you’ll need to clean up. I don’t have a date yet, but you won’t have much time.
Aug 31 – Hubby – we good? Yeah? Great job.
Sep 1 – Houston, I thought I said you can’t be here while I’m painting? It slows me down, increases time spent?!!
Sep 2 – Houston, it’s 10:30pm and I’m very tired. I’ve been here for hours today already and still have more to do tonight. Yes, you need to clean up (see Aug 29). Yes, you can come in Thursday to do some clean up but know I have a little bit more to do Thursday which will be all minor stuff. Houston, I know you don’t have much time to clean up, but its not going to take hours. Houston, I know you’re busy and I am too. (Inside voice: If you want me to bloody-well clean it up, then I should quit right this second, not finish the painting and clean-up instead. I can certainly clean-up and go home and sleep like any normal person would do in this situation. Take a chill pill and stop wasting my minutes.)

I spent over 9 hours there and got home after 1am. That was just yesterday. I’ve spent countless hours painting – no, it’d be countless days now. My hubby has spent countless hours painting. Even my son has spent far more hours in that place than any regular 6 year old should. Luckily for us, he enjoys getting his hands on a roller and rolling out some artwork on the walls.

Enough is enough. Don’t wail at me when perfection is not what I’m going for. I’m already at the breaking point, and the last thing you want to do is bite the hand that feeds you. Remember who’s moving your worldy possessions?

Okay, I need the chill pill now.

– Daisy



  1. Ah D – that is a hilarious read. But I know in the thick of things, it’s not so funny. Thanks for taking the time to brighten our days with humour, out of what is a really tough slog. You are awesome!

    Glad you found it amusing. I suppose that’s the one silver lining in all this – *You* can laugh at it, and I can *try* to laugh at it whilst still in the midst of it. Ha ha. Someone take the weapons out of my hands before someone gets hurts – Daisy

  2. This time next year it will be done, then you can laugh at it.

    can’t wait – Daisy

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