Posted by: Daisy | September 12, 2009


The celebrities are here and they all say they love it here in Canada. They say we are ‘polite’ and our city is clean, and we don’t harrass them. There’s no mob mentality here when we see a celebrity, and the paparrazi.. what’s that?

We see celebrities, and we smile at them knowingly. Come on, they’re eating lunch, or dinner or shopping just like anyone else. If I were doing that, would I want crazy fans to come up to me with my mouthful asking me to sign something? I don’t think so. So, we let them eat, drink and be merry.

Then of course, we might blog about it excitedly about who we saw, where we saw them, and what they were doing. Oh my. Toronto International Film Festival is here and the celebrities are buzzing around town. It’s a time of year when Torontonians come a little out of their shell and waltz up to more celebrities than usual – afterall, it’s a film festival – they know the cameras and people are everywhere looking for them. Right?

Did you see Penelope Cruz? I heard she looks definately pregnant but alas, she’s put a stop to that rumour (poor thing – can you imagine?). Did you hear what George Clooney said? Did you spot Matt Damon? Of course I haven’t. I live in the burbs, and haven’t left my neighbourhood yet. Maybe another year I’ll go trolling to glimpse the rich and the famous, or maybe I’ll just blog about it and pretend I saw someone.

More importantly, I wonder which movie’s going to get all the buzz – that’s the one I’ll make a point of catching a glimpse of when the time comes.

– Daisy



  1. Canadians are much more civilized than I am! I saw Chris Gardner (The man from Pursuit of Happyness) walking down the street and I said, “Are you Chris Gardner? I read your book!” Luckily for me he was very gracious and said, “Have you heard about our Hug-a-Reader program?” and walks right up and gives me a huge hug! Then he heard me calling for my son, who LOVED the movie, and he says, “Jeremiah, get over here and get your picture taken.” So we got our picture taken with him. Very nice man.

    Yup, I would totally be blogging about it if I saw celebrities in Toronto. They would haaaate me and say, “Who let the American in?”

    Oh my, that’s a FABULOUS story! What a sweatheart of a man… and no, they would never say that about you Randi because I can’t imagine that you’d come across as anything other than the super-sweet person you are – Daisy

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