Posted by: Daisy | September 25, 2009

Make someone happy

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps your purpose in life is simply to make someone happy?

Some of us have issues trying to figure out what our purpose is, why are we here, and all kinds of crazy, out of this world ideas. Without achieving grand results like discovering the cure for cancer, or something similar, some of us feel a bit useless. Perhaps without purpose.

Okay, when I say “some of us”, what I really mean is “I”. I used to believe that I needed to accomplish things. Big things. Really big things. And then once I had achieved them, I would know that I succeeded. At achieving big things. Yet, even when I did achieve some great things, it wasn’t enough. I realized, it would never be enough, no matter what.

I realized that, what really made me happy, was not in achieving accomplishments like a fabulous car, house, and other material items, it was the intangibles. Smiling, happy, shiny faces make me happy. People taking a moment to tell me, “that was really fun” – that’s what does it for me. It gives me so much pleasure to make a difference in someone else’s life. Perhaps, my purpose in life is simply to make someone happy. Me.

Love life – Daisy



  1. I like this. I should add this goal in my planner every day—make someone happy. It’s something that’s so important, yet so EASY.

    I have this funny feeling that you already do that everyday – Daisy

  2. Amen to that

    Yes – Daisy

  3. Aww Daisy what a great way to look at life. You always make me happy with your lovely comments so I can only imagine what you do for people you actually know. 🙂

    You’re so sweet.. I’m a real ________ (fill in the blank) in real life, so people who know me stay away in case I bite their head off. This space is for me to pretend to be someone nice – Daisy

    • Why don’t I believe that? 🙂

      BTW, it’s still me but I have changed my email address.

      Hey, I like the new monster icon it gave you. Okay, the truth is that I have my moments. Take a read of this older post for some perspective. – Daisy

      • OK than I’ll be sure to try and keep up with you and not anger your “dark side”. 🙂

        I have got to ask though…Are those really your feet? Haha.

        My dark side can show up fast and furious. And yes, those feet belong to me! I OWN those feet, just like I own the universe.. bwah ha ha ha ha ha. – Daisy

  4. Some of the greatest lessons in life game from people who made me sad. But if we didn’t all have some sunshine and daisies in our lives, where would be? Thanks D!

    Oh, I thought about a whole bunch of crazy things to spew.. but nevermind. It’s best I just leave it and simply smile – Daisy

  5. 1) Me likes this post and the “attempt to be someone nice”
    2) Me didn’t put any thought whatsoever by choosing this nick, but Me likes the puns it creates.
    3) You would probably enjoy reading this:

    Someone else suggested another book by the same author, and I’m afraid I tried looking at “The Power of Now” and just couldn’t – I can’t explain it, it was not the content, but the delivery of the message that I just couldn’t get over, and so I never did finish the book. Rare for me to leave a book unfinished. Thanks anyway, and keep trying.

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