Posted by: Daisy | September 28, 2009

Shoot from the hip

It seems a lot has changed since I haven’t been consistently writing, and visiting.

Some have gone away, to return again. Others have created new spaces. Others have redecorated. And still others have disappeared – some with an explanation, and some without. Of course, if I had consistently been reading their words, I would have had an inkling of what was happening, yes? Instead, it comes as a complete shock and surprise, when really I’ve likely missed clues larger than Blue’s Clues while I’ve skipped in and out of the blogging world for months.

I suppose all this really means is that.. I’ve missed out and I know it. Forgive me for being engrossed in my own world.

As I’ve tried visiting again, I happened on a post from a very well respected blogger asking a simple question about how long it takes others to do a post. Her posts are always extremely insightful, and obviously well thought out and crafted. They are well planned, written and her blog has all the hallmarks of an excellent community. Many of her commenters also have their own very well planned, and written posts as well. So as I read this post, I am sure I blushed thinking about the thought and effort I typically use in pushing out a post.

I don’t plan it that well. I don’t leave it overnight to review the next day for edits. I don’t, I don’t, and I don’t. Instead, what I do is shoot pretty much from the hip, and throw it out there. Sometimes, I’ll even edit it a bit before publishing, and other times, I edit after publishing. I realized what she likely described as an ‘average’ post would be what mine are day in day out – or even worst. I know the intention was certainly not to make me feel bad, but I did. And just as quickly, I realized I’m not trying to “be” whatever kind of blogger was being described – call it a “First rate blogger with well written posts aimed at a niche target market delivering top traffic results for people aged Blah and Blah with family incomes greater than 50K”. This isn’t my gig. This truly is my “when I have time for it, and I better make some time for it because it truly makes me happy gig.”

I think I have an inkling of what it takes to be one of those top-rated bloggers, and the truth is, I really, really have no desire for that status. There are lots of things I could do better, and I’m sure there are things you could do better too. However, sometimes average is good enough and if that’s what I am, I’m thrilled to be average in this adventure.

– Daisy



  1. I’m joining you here! I am content to be an “average” blogger. If I could spend 8 hours a day devoted to my blog, maybe I could be a “top blogger.” Maybe not. Maybe I don’t have what it takes.

    But I do love blogging, so mainly I do it because I love to write and am happy when a few close commenters share their thoughts. I also love going to the blogs of like-minded people—people for whom family comes first and the blog comes second, or even third. REAL people who know where I am coming from. Real people with whom I can connect.

    That’s why I come here…

    Yes, I’d have to agree 100% – I like to hang out with “Real” people like yourself, who don’t take things like blogging too seriously, because come on, we’ve got a life to live and babies to take beautiful pics of (your Sun pic was INCREDIBLE) – Daisy

  2. I am with you both, I blog because I enjoy it, sometimes I want a rant, sometimes I want to share something funny but most of the time I just want a chat. To try to be a top blogger would be hard work and take all the fun out of it.

    Yeah, I’d have to agree sometimes I want to rant… and when I do, I write things like waah waah – always nice to be able to – Daisy

  3. I can’t really add anything here. It won’t stop me trying of course.

    My posts on average take very little time. That is mostly because they are of the short “look what I found” type. Quite often though I don’t even have time for those as Real Life(tm) gets in the way. I have spent a lot of time in getting the blog to where it is (wherever that is??) and that has been part of the fun. It seems on average I get about 30 readers which is great. I’d love more, but I’m not going to stress about it as it is an enjoyable hobby and nothing more for me.

    Oh, Real Life(tm) – can I use that?!!! It’s amazing how many lurkers there are, yet how few comment, eh? Like really, don’t be a wallflower and tell me what you think! 😉 – Daisy

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