Posted by: Daisy | October 30, 2009

Brain Fritz and the Telly

I’ve never seen a scientific explanation for deja vu until today (that’d be yesterday now). It suggests that deja vu is simply the ‘feeling’ of familiarity of the situation or event. It suggests that it could be a pfzz I’ll call it where your brain may be processing the short-term information (what’s happening right now) as coming from long-term memory, and therefore, the misinterpretation of having experienced this before.

Wow. Really? Well, strike me down with a bolt of lightening, that seems to make far more sense than trying to use previous lives, and other tricky paranormal ideas to explain it. The simplicity of this theory really is just amazing.

I don’t think I’ve been exactly well the past few days and although I haven’t been hallucinating, my brain seems to have been a little on the fritz. Perhaps it’s a tumour and I should check it out. Or perhaps I should spend an unheard of number of hours catching up on last season’s Grey’s Anatomy on youtube. Holy mackeral, they killed George off? Yeah, just where have I been hiding, you ask. Obviously, I’m not with it when it comes to television. Not only did I catch up on little snippets of Grey’s, I also watched this season’s Survivor for the first time. Remember, I’m a Survivor freak who’s been watching every episode since Season 1. Obviously, I’ve been missing out. My, oh my, where does the time go?

Plus, I can finally say I finished Season 3 of Dexter and it was Capital A for Awesome. It only took me weeks (I think it was actually months) to watch it on DVD. Wow. I miss TV. Maybe I’ll catch up again on another truckload of the stuff in another few months or so.

Focus, Daisy, Focus. No wait, how about Hocus Pocus? I used to be scared to death of scary things like ouiji boards, ghosts, and other unexplained things. Well, now I think I finally have the courage wiggle my fearless fingers at some of it at least. Take a look at this site for interesting scientific explanations.

– Daisy



  1. So Deja Vu is when your brain does a pfzz and this from someone who suspects here brain is on the fritz?

    I feel strangely enlightened. 😀

    Glad to know it. You know my purpose in life is to enlighten, or take up space. Not quite sure which. 🙂 – Daisy

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