Posted by: Daisy | November 9, 2009

detailed, or big picture?

Some people get frustrated with my attention to details.  It actually comes quite easily to me for anything written and in front of me.  I love to be immersed in the details, I jot down some notes, and process the information quite readily.  It’s quick, simple and easy for me.

Except when it doesn’t matter.  I am the queen of taking too big a bite and trying to chew through it all.  Since I tend to bite off too much at least once a quarter (usually 3-4x a year lasting approximately 6-8 weeks – more about this in another post), I find myself in a constant battle of ruthlessly prioritizing and slashing less important items.  One item that consistently gets slashed due to time constraints is memory for the music and the choreography for my classes.

It’s just not that important in the big picture.  My brain can only process a limited amount of information, and the time it would require to get it 100% is not worth it.  So, I get usually 90-95% depending on where my head is at and what else I’m working on.

The amazing part is that this regular process of biting too much that causes ruthless prioritizing has resulted in delivery of more for less – I consistently get things done well, and faster than originally anticipated, especially amongst the chaos.

So…  am I a detailed-oriented person, or a big picture person?  Both.  I love having the capability to see/work in both worlds, and choosing the appropriate mix depending on the situation and need at hand.

As I journey through life, I am beginning to realize the nonsense and limitations of labels since they can be very limiting and show someone like me as either lying, or having multiple-personalities with strong abilities in opposing traits of the same coin.  I can see both the forest and the trees at the same time.  Apparently, I’m not the only one either so stop looking at me like I’m strange.

What do you see?

– Daisy



  1. I hate labels too. Every now and then I do a personality test like Myers-Briggs and end up being frustrated that I don’t fit the buckets well. It is interesting that labels allow us to feel a sense of commonality with others in the same label group.

    I am a blend of the two. I love enough detail to know that something is not pure vapour, but I get bored with too much detail.

    My myers-briggs is pretty accurate. Plus, it shows my two middle letters as being just off centre, so, you know I’m both, and am just a blend, while the two outer letters are far more definitive.

    And funny enough, I like having quick labels put on people – it makes it easier for me to ‘get them’ in a quick and superficial way. For those I’d like to get to know better, there’s far more detail and I want to know more than a label.

    I hate personally being labeled because I (like everyone else) do not fit that cleanly into a bucket, yet I’d happily throw others (majority) into one. Wow. Thanks for helping me see my ways MV. I think I’ve just found something else I could work on better.

    – Daisy

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