Posted by: Daisy | November 29, 2009

My walking adventure

I went to see Jenn Grant, a musician with an incredible voice, on Thursday night. I invited a good friend of mine to join me for an evening of dinner and music so we could catch up.

My adventure started with a painless drive to the subway, where I hopped on a train and went downtown to Toronto’s Eaton Centre. I wandered leisurely up and down Eaton’s Centre a couple of times (approx. 1Km) until I got a call from my friend indicating he had arrived at the mall. We met up and then walked around looking for a “local restaurant” to try (approx. .8Km). As we were walking, I exclaimed that I couldn’t believe I was dressed like a bum and didn’t have the decency to wear something a little nicer. His excuse for looking like a bum was that as a teacher, he had art class that day and didn’t want to risk arts and crafts on any good clothes. I didn’t have an excuse. We both just laughed and moved along. We wandered here and there crossing University Avenue, until we happened upon an Indian restaurant. As we looked at the menu posted outside with our mouths watering, a gentleman surprised us by opening the door and welcoming us in. Oh, what a welcome change from some of the other hoity-toity establishments we had poked our noses into. Thank goodness we walked a bit further for this special find!

Dinner was incredibly good. Oh my, I love Indian food! When the food arrived, I said, “I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to go silent for a few minutes at least, okay?” It was REALLY good. Enough said.

With dinner over, we began walking to Massey Hall at a leisurely pace arriving just before 8pm (approx 1Km). When we handed our tickets to the front, we heard the most incredible words, “I’m sorry, but you’re at the wrong place.” Sudden panic. “WHAAAAT?” Me bad. I can’t read. Or more accurately, I didn’t read the tickets! They said “Massey Hall presents” and in seemingly fineprint, the real venue came into sight – CBC building at Front Street! As we turned to walk away, the gentleman says “I’m sorry, good luck getting there!” as we all realized the issue – the CBC building is 2 Km’s away and we’re minutes from the start of the concert.

Away we went. Thank goodness it was a cool night, and boy, did that brisk walk really make our bodies feel better after eating that huge meal. We mostly walked, running across lights here and there and arrived late. Thank goodness she had an opening act.

What can I say? My feet were absolutely killing me by the time we got there. Others have asked me, “what kind of shoes were you wearing”, and my response has been, “no women’s shoes are meant for walking that distance at that pace without hurting, except for running shoes or walking shoes”. Obviously most guys have never walked a few kilometres in women’s shoes. Thank goodness I dressed like a bum that night and wore shoes that were not pointy, with big heels, or strappy.

I eased into my seat, and was relieved to be off my feet. The concert was extremely enjoyable and we both began comparing her to the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Sinead O’Connor, Cranberries, Tori Amos and others, but different.

We then walked back to Union Station (approx .6Km) to hop on the subway and head back home.

Altogether, it looks like I wandered approx. 5.4Km in the wrong shoes. I thought the toes on my left foot were going to fall off and they are only now starting to feel normal again. Next time, I’ll use that incredible skill I learned decades ago – read the tickets.

– Daisy

Below is an interview interspersed with some live music. I particularly love the violin bits that are throughout many of her songs.



  1. Oh! You poor thing! Walking all that way, only to be at the wrong place! They could have made it a little clearer, I would think. I mean if it said “Massey Hall presents” why wouldn’t it be at Massey Hall?? I’m sure you probably weren’t the only one who made the same mistake. Thanks for posting her music. I had never heard of her before.

    Thanks Randi, for letting me know I’m not a dimwit and it was an honest mistake! ha ha ha. At the end of the day, it’s no big deal since my toes are fine, I experienced an amazing concert, and now have a funny story to tell – it’s all good! – Daisy

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