Posted by: Daisy | December 5, 2009

I quit coffee – part 2

I must confess I am doing pretty well compared to last week’s disaster. I think I might have had one on Sunday and perhaps another on Monday as well but avoided it altogether on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I had a small one today.

Earlier in the week, I was asked innocently: "had your coffee yet?" – oh gosh – not a good question to ask someone givng up the stuff. In retrospect, I laugh because those who have worked with me on a regular basis know just how ingrained it is to my routine. I even used it as an example one time when I was training call centre reps about selling products. I explained to them how you can talk about the benefits of coffee and be a commodity, or you can take it further. Coffee for me is a warming experience where I take time to smell, taste and experience an important moment. It essentially helps me "deal" with the stuff that hits the fan. They laughed, but more importantly, they understood as I explained to them how to sell my product as an experience and not so much as a commodity.

I feel successful so far in my coffee quitting. Even though I still drink it here and there, I am not living my waking hours thinking about getting a cup. It’s leaving my system and I am once again getting back into control – thank goodness.

– Daisy
PS – I wrote this on crackberry, sent to special email address and voila, it posts magically.
PPS – Oops, it didn’t post magically. Technological glitch would be my guess. I still emailed it though!



  1. Good job on overcoming! I shall have to follow your example now and try to do the same with sugar.

    I love the little snowflakes on your site!

    Thanks Randi.. I forgot about the snowflakes.. I remember putting them on last year, but I don’t remember where/how/what I did to get them. Oh well. I suppose it doesn’t matter! 🙂 Daisy

  2. I love the way you are giving up the dependency and not the product which in itself is not the problem.

    I love how you summarized that so well. – Daisy

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