Posted by: Daisy | December 8, 2009

Another cancelled show

I must be the queen of watching cancelled sci-fi shows. Some of you know I rarely watch television, and the only way I seem to watch it is when someone lends me a DVD of a series. So, in actual fact, the only TV I watch is based on referrals of a show that someone has spent good hard cash on purchasing. I have had a lot of luck watching this way – in fact, it’s been at 100%. Every single DVD someone has lent to me, has been something I have loved.

The latest DVD I just finished watching was Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles. They lent me Season 1 a while back and I enjoyed that, but only recently got Season 2. Season 2 has 6 DVD’s in total, and I watched those 6 DVD’s over 5 days. I watched disk 1 one day, disk 2 the next day. Disk 3 a few weeks later. Disk 4 this past Saturday, and Disk 5 and 6 this past Sunday. Each disk was watched in its entirety in one sitting. Yes, I did pause it to use the loo when I needed to, I’m not that bad.

My knuckles must have gone white in the last few disks; I just couldn’t peel myself away, it was that good. The worst part of the entire experience was knowing that there was no more once I finished those disks. I wonder if there’s any chance the writers (or other great writers) could continue to write for the series and just tell me where it goes! Please, oh please?!!

Why, oh why can’t the masses watch really well written smart shows and keep them going?!! Sigh. Perhaps someone should lend me a series that went on for longer than 2 seasons and then I won’t feel so disappointed that a perfectly amazing storyline got cut off before its time.

– Daisy



  1. If you can find DVDs for Six Feet Under, check it out. It ran for 5 seasons, and Wikipedia says “Six Feet Under has frequently been described by critics as one of the greatest television series of all time.”

    But did you like it? Great if wikipedia and the critics say it’s wonderful, what do you think? – Daisy

  2. Never saw it; don’t watch much TV, and try to avoid the addictive serial shows. I lost my sister to this series though, and she doesn’t have, nor watch a TV. She has got one of those new fangled computer thingys, and she watched it on that. She could not stop herself once she started, poor thing. She is feeling much better now though.

    • I don’t feel sorry at all for your sister… the more power to her.. SISTAS UNITE! It was a great show!

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