Posted by: Daisy | December 13, 2009

Privacy and Posts

I don’t know how you write, but here’s the schtick with me. If I’ve got a topic/thoughts/idea in my head, I usually like to just write it quickly and post it. The length of time from initial thought, to published post is quite short, and at certain times, the posts come fast and furious as I feel the need to get those thoughts jotted down quickly while they are still fresh in my mind.

Then, there’s times when there’s not much tickling my brain. It’s obvious as you won’t find any new posts, however that is actually rare.

Then, there’s times when I’ve got multiple posts in my brain, but I haven’t had a chance to write them down, and I suppose they aren’t so compelling that I feel the need to get them down right away. During those busy times, if the topic/idea just isn’t amazing, then I may altogether lose the post from the brain, and it just won’t get written. Again, you’ll see the result as no new posts. This happens a bit.

Lastly, there’s times when I’ve got a post/idea in my head, and I just can’t figure out how to write it down in a way that’s appropriate for this space. Call me a private person, call me old-fashioned – there are posts that I want to write “freely” that I don’t feel necessarily comfortable doing. It is me tying my hands behind my back, that prevents me from using the keyboard to get those thoughts down. I feel the need to be ‘appropriate’; where there are no swear words, or content inappropriate for children should any happen to come around. My inability to write a post about something that’s absolutely tickling my head also prevents me from writing any other posts. How strange is that? So, another time when you’ll find this space devoid of newness is when I’m stuck contemplating how to write a certain post.

This brings me to my latest solution that I’m not entirely happy about, but, it’ll have to do. Password protected posts exist for various reasons. The lastest one, “Naive, I am” is a post that prevented any other posts from being written because I just couldn’t figure out how to write it without swearing. I’m kidding of course – there’s no swearing. It’s actually quite light-hearted a post about a topic that’s serious. I’m hoping with this, I’ll take the handcuffs off, and feel able to write freely about posts, and prevent the death of would-be posts/ideas.

If you ever want the password to any password-protected posts, simply email me and ask – the worst that could happen is I could say no. I’d never say no to you though. No, not you.

I’ve included a new page about passwords.

And on another note. How do *YOU* write? Do you ever have times where an idea/thought stops you from writing anything at all?

– Daisy



  1. password please and yes I know I had one, but I have forgotten it ok I have admitted it.

    I emailed it to your yahoo.

  2. The only thing that ever stops me writing something is lack of time. Having said that I’m a worrier and if I have too much time a worse thing happens and I over edit.

    You worry about your writing? What’s there to worry about? (And at least you’re writing.) – Daisy

    • I worry about EVERYTHING.

      Whatever you’re worrying about.. is it going to matter 1 year from now? Is it something you can control (change/have an impact on?) A book that changed my life “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.. and it’s all small stuff” – I highly recommend it. – Daisy

  3. i would love the password …

    i have been known to write whole posts and then delete them before they ever see the light of day 😉

    emailed 🙂 – that’s so sad about deleting posts.. I’ve done a few like that too and it always makes me sad to hit the delete. There’s gotta be another way?!! 🙂

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