Posted by: Daisy | December 21, 2009

Monday mish-mash

Someone gave me BSG, the Plan on DVD yesterday. It was the only thing left of Battlestar Galactica I hadn’t seen yet. I was so stunned, surprised and happy to receive it, and watched it last night. Although the reviews about it were less than ideal, I thought it did give some interesting insights into some of the Cylon characters. Ultimately, it makes me want to rewatch the entire series (again) and that can’t be a bad thing. Perhaps I’ll even watch Caprica and get hooked on that.

I saw stars. I hit my head on a locker door when I got up way too quickly on Saturday and hit the back of my head. I immediately sat back down, and saw the “sparkle” flashes of light going off in my head. Ahh, stars all around. I know I’ve never seen birds flying around my head, though I’m sure I heard them telling me what a nincompoop I was for not having the good sense to protect my head from sharp, hard surface of the locker door. This was one of those instances where I immediately dropped my head between my knees and wished I could go back in time by a few seconds to do that moment over again.

I’m going to see Avatar tomorrow. I’m sure I’m going to see some really mind-blowing visuals there and hope the experience is stellar. Oh dear. I’m now worried my expectations might be a bit too high, and I very much don’t want to be disappointed. Hmm, I get to see a movie on the big screen. That’s news in itself.

I made a two mystery calls to some businesses and asked them questions I thought they should have been able to answer. Oh oh. I’ll give one company a C- and the other one a B. They could be better. More importantly, I suppose, they could have been far worst.

Little ol me described this book in such a compelling way, I had to go find the book at the library and read it. She said:

“Imagine a world where… animals are genetically changed so that they produce nothing but Chicken legs or breast… a world in which a pill can cure anything, but because that would mean the end to profit new disease are made.”

I have to agree, it was such a great read, that I read it in one sitting (one day). Those pigoons and wolvogs are still giving me the heebie jeebies. Check out Little Ol Me’s description of the Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood and then go take a read of the book.

– Daisy


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