Posted by: Daisy | January 2, 2010

Angel Music

I have always found music sparks memories, thoughts, and ideas that are difficult to explain. I am sure if you were to scan my head as I listened to music, parts of my brain would light up in ways that it likely does not at any other time. I’d love to know more about my connection with music, but for now, I’ll just enjoy it.

Lying in the cool dark night
With a full orchestra before me
The violins, violas and cellos
All singing in a language of their own

Add in a few voices of angels
Fluttering by with passion and sadness
They create an aural beauty
That defines heaven on earth.

I’m listening to:
Enya – To go beyond, Part 2
Enya – Only Time
Enya – I want tomorrow
Dido – Here with me
Charlotte Church – Pie Jesu
Sarah McLachlan – Do what you have to do
Sarah McLachlan – Angel

– Daisy



  1. This is such a heavenly post–from the new picture, to the gently falling snow, to the beautiful poem and the list of angel voices. I have not heard of Dido, but the other three are among my favorite voices too. Oh, to be able to sing like an angel. I will have to youtube the singer that I didn’t know.

    • Glad you liked it. I did not set out to change the background/theme/picture, but then it occurred to me, I’ve had the same theme for.. well, I think since the beginning, so I thought perhaps as the first post of 2010, perhaps this space needs a new look.

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