Posted by: Daisy | January 5, 2010


each step shows
a small fresh print
where i’ve been
where i’ve moved forward
where i’ve fallen
where i’ve examined
the steps taken so far

it sparkles, it glitters,
it dances, it prances
it tickles and delivers
a fresh cool beauty

other times
its wet and grimy
dull, dirty and cold

retracing the steps
reviewing the tracks
looking forward and back
i still don’t understand
what i’m supposed to see?
what i’m supposed to believe?
which way am i supposed to go?

i think i need
a sleigh to carve out a path
glasses to see through the bright darkness
warmth to melt all that’s hiding my way

but the truth is,
if i’m completely lost
the only tool i truly need
is the moment to experience
pure joy in the glittery, silvery snow

there’s plenty of time for help on the way

– Daisy



  1. I like that a lot.

    • oh dear.. I hope you don’t mind but I changed it quite a bit today (jan 8). I hope you still like it.

  2. Not at all. It is different now of course but I like that it has evolved. My favourite band U2 (have I mentioned that?) record albums in a studio. Then they rehearse some of those songs to play live. Then they go on tour which can last over a year. Then they record another album and go on another tour but still play some of the songs from the old album. As time progresses those songs get tweaked and altered. Sometimes improved, but often just different.

    Eventually, listening to the original studio version can sound a million miles away from what you have become used to, and I like that. A one time producer of theirs (Steve Lillywight) once remarked that he’d like them to go on tour with their songs and then come back and record the album. I assume it could be said of many artists.

    I guess my point is, I still love it, and I still like the original, but most of all, I like that you care enough to cause it to evolve.

    What an incredibly sweet comment – being compared to U2 and all (yes, I think you’ve mentioned once, twice or three hundred times U2 is one of your favourite bands). I never thought of it as ‘evolving’ it, yet, perhaps that is what it is. I’ll just keep ‘evolving’ as it occurs to me, and hope for the best – Daisy

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