Posted by: Daisy | January 7, 2010

Another world map

You ever go trolling around reading this and that, finding interesting things thinking you’ll return to it later, and then never be able to find it again? I found a very well written article, along with some fabulous pictures. Try as I might, I can’t find it again even though I’ve tried retracing my steps.

Instead, the best I can do is I’ve at least found the picture itself. You’ve got to see it.

It’s an image of the world showing which areas of the world are more easily accessible vs other areas. The brighter the area, the closer it is to airports, shipping lines, trains, roads, and other modes of transportation. Its premise is that accessibility has some to do with distance from point A to point B, but not all.

I’ll use an example that’s a little closer to home (though not that close). In Manitoba, the next province over, there’s a place called Churchill which is famous for all the polar bear sightings. It’s pretty far north, and seems darn close to the Artic Circle (though not really). Tourism is hot going to Churchill as many want to get up and personal (though not too close) with the polar bears. There are, I believe only two ways to Churchill from Winnipeg, by plane or by train. There are no roads going up to Churchill. I’d consider that an area that is more difficult to get to since your modes of transportation are more limited.

If you try to go west of Churchill, or even a little south west, you’ll find it gets duller and darker on the world map – it’s less accessible with none of the usual infrastructure we’re so used to. Basically, the map shows the world in terms of accessibility by minutes/hours/days. There are (dark) places in the world where the only way you can get there is by flying to the nearest airport, start taking roads, rails, etc and then walking for days on end until you reach the deepest, furthest areas.

I don’t know about you, but don’t you just think that’s cool? Look at Tibet and enjoy the map.

– Daisy



  1. If you don’t clear your history very often, you can always try going through that (unless that’s what you already tried.) That map is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing it!

    • Yeah, I thought it was pretty darn cool – any dark spots in the world you’re wondering about?

      • Yes, actually, there were. I was noticing the area above Australia which I assume is Indonesia and New Guinea. I thought those were heavily populated areas yet they are very dark. There are also some dark dots in my state but then there are some pretty remotes areas in Utah so I guess that didn’t surprise me.

        My hubby will tell you geography is not my forte; I think the dark spots open up your eyes to just those kinds of things – those “I didn’t know that…” type ideas.

        Sidenote: As you can tell, I can’t figure out how I want to respond to comments anymore. I don’t like seeing my little dudette in the comments on the side – I’d rather see other people’s monster characters… but everytime I reply to a comment, I show up. Sigh. I wonder if wordpress has a show all except me. – Daisy

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