Posted by: Daisy | January 31, 2010

I lost a post

Dang. I wrote up a post that actually took a while to write, explaining what’s been going on, and why I haven’t been around, and then I lost it. It went poof and never got saved into draft. I actually hit “publish” and it went bye bye. Never saved into draft. Gone.

Frustrated. That’s me.

Well, that’s time I will never get back! At this point, I’m just so not in the mood to re-write what was in my head, and in my mind, I ALREADY WROTE IT the other day!

So, why would the wonderful folks at wordpress be losing my posts, you wonder – was it a technological glitch? Is it something to be worried about? Well, that gets even more interesting!

Apparently, the word “scam” is a legal term that you need to be careful in using. I thought scam was just a word. It seems someone has an issue with the word, or more specifically, with one of my posts. You know me – nothing out of the ordinary here; I’m an open book and I simply tell it like it is. So, with that, I’ve had to change my post to remove the offensive word “scam” in order to begin posting again.

Hopefully, we should be good again. Let’s cross them fingers, and hope all’s well, and perhaps when I’m less frustrated, I’ll re-write that post and tell you what’s been up with me.

– Daisy



  1. I thought scam was just another word for con-job. Am I wrong again?

    Nope, you’re absolutely right. I wonder if I could search and replace “scam” with “con-job” – then I’d have “con-jobbing”.. hmmm – Daisy

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