Posted by: Daisy | February 7, 2010

3 cars, 9 gals, 1 night

What do 9 gals do to get away from the Bowl? They pack their bags, cars, trunks and back seats with ‘stuff’, drive off and reconvene at a cottage on the edge of a frozen waterfront.

Of course, they eat way too much food (including a lezzie vasagna), drink way too much booze, talk about all things from the serious to the insane, in between multiple rounds of pillow fights in their favourite, skimpy lingerie. Add silly games, a roaring fire, not nearly enough sleeping, long lines for the single bathroom, tons of coffee, bacon, eggs, waffles and fruit, and you’ve got the perfect mixture of good and evil.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

– Daisy
P.S. I am not allowed to share any incriminating photos.



  1. sounds like fun, go on showjust a couple

    Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos! I will have to wait until someone decides to make the silly error of posting pics on facebook before I can steal any of those pics to post. – Daisy

    • facebook can come in useful at times haha

      Yes, it can. I keep forgetting my love and kisses. – XOXOXOXO.. ha ha ha… – Daisy

  2. I knew it! It’s long been suspected that this is how women spend their time together when there are no men around, but now we know for sure. 🙂

    Yup. That’s what we do. For. Sure. – Daisy

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