Posted by: Daisy | February 9, 2010

5 things to charge

As I was driving away on my weekend getaway, I realized I needed to charge various devices. It became a shock as I counted up the items that I regularly charge in my car… 1 GPS, 2 blackberry’s and 2 bluetooths!!!

Along with those 5 items, includes 3 different chargers, all plugging into the same lighter. The difficulty was that I needed both my bluetooth and my gps for the drive and had to make the terrible decision of which one to charge – they were both required! Sigh. I ended up deciding to skip the bluetooth – if anyone called, then, they’d have to suck it up and be on speakerphone, while I really needed to know where my exits were going to be.

I know. You’re wondering why in the world I have and/or need so many devices; that’s for another post, another day. 🙂

– Daisy



  1. Assuming that the lighter sockets are the same in Canada as they are in the UK, you could treat your self to one of these.

    That does me for a GPS, phone, iPod and a spare.

    Holy crud, that looks kinda scary… I don’t suppose they ship to Canada.. and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of/seen anything like that here. – Daisy

  2. I’m surprised at that. No idea if they ship abroad but if you want one I can mail it to you.

    I could not possibly request that of you; though, thank you for the offer. Perhaps when I have a moment, I will go flashing that pic at local people and asking them if they’ve ever seen/know where I could purchase such an item nearby. – Daisy

  3. Hey Jono – you won’t believe what I purchased from the local store the other day… one that splits into two (I could have gotten the one that splits into 3 but I thought that 2 would be enough for now) and I paid a whopping $5. WOW!

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