Posted by: Daisy | February 12, 2010

Vancouver 2010

Canadian Pride and super-close; that’s what I feel half the country away.

Meanwhile, my hubby has been whining about the opening ceremonies. He’s had enough of the story about Canadian history, and natives, and well.. I think he’s had too much champagne which we started the opening ceremonies with. He’d prefer a ‘cirque du soleil’-like opening ceremony and now he’s just walked out of the room leaving the out east fiddling to me and my dog.

Wait… but wait… oh nevermind.

What can I say? I’m so proud to be Canadian. The olympics have always represented to me our dreams and hopes, and the opportunity to be united in this vast land. It goes well beyond athletics, and I have to admit, the entire torch relay was a very nice touch. My son told us the torch was at his school. Hubby asked him who brought the torch and he couldn’t remember her name. He then asked if she were ‘young or old’ to which the little guy answered “she was old”. Ahh, we should have stopped there, but no, someone wanted to know more about the torch bearer. After asking a few questions, it seems the torch bearer was “old, but younger than mommy”. Fabulous. Now, I feel united but old.

I’m going to be a little glued to the Olympic events over the next few weeks. I hope you’re planning to enjoy them as well, and I might even throw in a quick post or two here and there. Cheers to uniting the world.

– Daisy


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