Posted by: Daisy | February 21, 2010

The new age of curling

We’ve been watching Olympics and most recently, I’ve been enjoying watching curling. I have never played curling before, so I was asking Hubby all about it. We were listening to the announcers talking away, and I’m starting to get a bit of the basics now. What amazes me are the cool moves they do which I suppose are all about forces, energy, and physics-type things, but in practice, it still amazes me.

Hubby mentioned that it seems curling has become a ‘younger’ sport. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, however, it certainly is fun to watch some younger guys in short-sleeve shirts showing definition in their arms as they accurately judge speed, spin, and control down an icy stretch with a broom. Sounds oh so Canadian and Paul Gross just popped into my mind; (Google is my friend and I’m just popping back to report that it seems the CBC is launching a new curling comedy based very loosely on his movie “Men with Brooms”.)

I have lots of reasons to love the Olympics; now I have yet another one – it has now inspired me to want to try curling sometime. Ice, rocks and brooms – here I come.

– Daisy



  1. if you still have snow, you could try it in the garden

    Of course I’ve still got snow! But curling in the garden? I don’t quite get that. I need a long flight of ice, with a bulleyes, and some “rocks” with handles to slide down the ice. – Daisy

    • Polish a patch of snow into ice in the middle of your road, get your brooms out and a bowl and get your neighbours to join in. haha

      that would be funny… – Daisy

  2. I have been playing in the snow

    Hey Bunty – my little boy and I were just watching a friend of yours – perhaps family? Little bunny was sitting on our driveway, then he/she hopped to the sidewalk and we watched him/her watching us through the window. Very furry, very cute. We see bunny pawprints in the snow all the time. – Daisy

  3. I bet his feet were cold or did he have his boots on

    Oh bunty, you crack me up. No, he was ‘bare feet’ – Daisy

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