Posted by: Daisy | March 5, 2010

The best blind date ever

Have a glass of wine, and let me tell you about the most entertaining evening I had last night. I had the pleasure of hanging out with some friends at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre where we got to watch “Blind Date“, some live theatre at its best. We join Mimi, (aka Rebecca Northan) at a cafe where she’s waiting for her blind date who has now clearly stood her up. She then ventures to find someone else to have a wonderful blind date with and chooses an unknowing chap from the audience and the improv goes from there. But wait, allow me to back up.

Heather, my friend, invited a bunch of us to go see this show. It turns out a bunch of fitness instructors and our friends gathered together on a Thursday night to enjoy this little live theatre. Amongst our group, was darling Filipe who is a National fitness trainer from another country. He’s been here in Canada all of 2 weeks, and finding it “different” here. As I was chatting with him, Mimi came along before the show to meet her potential prospects. I knew as soon as she was chatting with him that he’d be a fine pick for the show. Poor Filipe only knew that he was coming out to see a show.

So, fast-forwarding ahead to when Mimi is choosing her guy, who does she choose, but of course the very talented, wonderfully accented Filipe from his many travels including Portugal, Ireland, London and many other countries across the ocean. Naturally, we, as a group of fitness instructors and friends are loud and hooting and hollering over her wonderful choice.

What follows were 90 minutes of the most laughter I’ve ever had. I just can not explain how incredibly amusing and hilarious the interactions were between Mimi and Filipe. It was a match made in… live theatre. Just fabulous. There were many moments of, “oh no, Filipe, don’t do it!” including the entire bed scene, and wonderful moments too as Filipe learned the art of working with the sound effects folks. It was simply priceless. Filipe was extraordinarily brave and a great sport to have been part of such a laugh-fest and he indicated afterwards that it was certainly something wonderful he’d always remember.

I highly recommend the show; it’s only until the end of next friday, however, I’m sure she’s going to take her show across the country and maybe south of the border too.

And you know what else? She even has a blog (so my hubby told me, he loved her that much!). Go check her out, support her, and maybe convince her to bring her show to your neck of the woods.

– Daisy


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