Posted by: Daisy | March 6, 2010

First dates are like interviews

They have the same sort of questions “tell me about yourself”; they have the same purpose “have you got what I need?”; and they ultimately are about fit “could we work well together?”.

I think both dates and interviews are chances to dance with each other and the ones who are successful, are the ones where both parties have fallen in love with each other; as much as could occur on a first date/interview.

Now, come on; haven’t you fallen in love on a first date? Haven’t you met with a hiring manager and saw yourself in the position, doing what you’re best at? Perhaps it says something strange about me, but I’ve fallen in love multiple times. I see the good in so many people and organizations and become engaged in multiple industries and organizations. I get really excited about the companies and my mind always starts turning through all the potential opportunities! It’s exciting. I guess it would be the equivalent of meeting different guys and noting how they’re all so unique and special in different ways. What’s there not to love?

Okay, I’ve also had plenty of bad dates and interviews too where I knew within seconds. Even worst, it hurts when you’ve fallen in love, but they haven’t, or they love someone else even more. You think that you’re the ideal candidate, the ideal girlfriend, the ONE, but they have other ideas. It sucks. But did you also know that if you keep trying, you’re likely getting closer to the right one? I told you dating is like interviews. I’ve spent plenty of time dancing with potential companies, falling in love, and being rejected but I knew someone would love me just as much as I love them; it was only a matter of time.

Just be well-prepared, put your best foot forward, and learn from the experience. I have met a lot of incredible people in the process, and you never know where these things will lead… I wonder if anyone has ever dated an interviewer or interviewed a date… no, no, not me. I’m just wondering out loud.

– Daisy


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