Posted by: Daisy | March 6, 2010

My buzzing twins

I have twin blackberry’s. Exactly the same bb curve, both on the same system/provider. One is personal and the other is work. One is red, and the other is silver. They each have their own bluetooths too. They share the space by my head next to the alarm clock and take turns getting recharged at night. The red one gets the extra special role of being another alarm clock. The silver one gets to play calendar to all my weekday evening appointments while the other gets weekend appointments. They also get strapped to my same right-side hip, though rarely at the same time.

I am used to the pace of both blackberry’s – in fact as a rule, they only buzz or ring when it is a phone call, otherwise the battery would get eaten up in no time. I saw in dismay yesterday that there were 450 emails on one and a very manageable 87 on the other. Though they don’t buzz for email, I do realize that red light at the top is always lighting up telling me someone just thought to communicate with me for one reason or another. I only wish I could get more of the “hi and how are you” kinds vs the other ones. Seriously, do I have to action 450 emails today?!!

Let’s get real though, does the pace of business really need to be at this level? There are interesting dynamics at play that causes this level of activity and my hair-on-fire constantly is not the ideal mode of living, however I clearly see where I need to get to and know I am making headway. I have had many words of encouragement and can’t get over just how appreciated I am. In two words, it’s SWEET.

Ahh, it’s amazing what we put up with, when under the right conditions. I’m just going to keep working it, keep trying, keep improving because I know I’m making some pretty cool things happen. And those twin BB’s, maybe I should just try to turn them both off for a few days and see what happens. Then again, they don’t call them crackberry for no reason.

– Daisy



  1. Oh gosh, this was too funny! What a perfect way of describing life in the 21st century. As a former cell phone salesperson, I feel your pain/joy (they’re so entwined.)

    No way.. you used to sell mobility?!! I never would have guessed. Glad you enjoyed it. – Daisy

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