Posted by: Daisy | March 26, 2010

A really long rant

I detest bad customer service. It boggles my mind when there is so much competition out there how anyone can have front line employees who don’t get it.

Alrighty, I am about to rant. You can simply ignore this post altogether, but just be forewarned.

My son had a great day at school so the two of us had a date. We went to our local food chain which I have been at many many times, in many different locations. I ordered my diet coke, my quarter chicken, and pointed to a picture of a combo that would include a soup and dessert for an extra 4.99.

Eventually, Sofia brings me my drink telling me “Your diet pepsi and soup. And I will bring the juice next” to which I almost blurted “diet what?”. Now don’t get me wrong, I always accept diet pepsi but prefer to know ahead of time. It feels to me like a requirement. If I asked for a diet barq’s and you said, “will diet rootbeer be okay”, I would have to answer no. Alas, but in this case, she’s lucky that I’m okay with diet pepsi. Let’s just say it was not a good start.

So, the little munchkin is watching me with me soup, takes my crackers and overall tries to be patient. However, patience a little one his age does not have a lot of. Let’s be real, he should have gotten his drink much sooner. I had finished my soup when she finally brought him his drink after he had already been whining for at least a few minutes. But wait. His drink came in an adult (breakable) glass. Sigh. I can’t be bothered. He needs a drink. I tried to push the empty dishes as a hint to clear the table, but alas, she didn’t take that hint either.

Sofia, Sofia – I’m not sure this is the right role for you. I recall listening to her say to the table next to me, “I’m so sorry; I’m going to be in big trouble.” as she brings them refill drinks long after their drinks have already been empty.

Back to my table: She brings our dinners without a hitch, and surprisingly turns to me about 30 seconds after putting the food down (and while I’m still trying to get fork and knife out of the napkin) and says “Is everything okay?”. “Ummmm, I don’t know yet.” I laughed this one off a little. In fact, I did enjoy a little bit of Sofia watching before the arrival of food and realized she clearly does not have a routine. She is unable to move in her space efficiently, constantly going back and forth and then disappearing altogether. Her drink orders are consistently long, and.. well, she just isn’t around like the other servers.

The food was fine, though again, she returned way too late (long after both our drinks were empty and needed refilling). She took our orders for dessert and cleared my plate (but not that good ol’ soup bowl?). When she came back with dessert, she *gasp* put the bonus kid’s toy on top of an open butter container. Why don’t you just open a bunch of butter containers on my chair and ask me to sit down, since that would be a real treat. Luckily for her, the toy is already wrapped in plastic to keep the grubbiness away. Plus, let me be clear – I don’t think she noticed I snatched it off in two seconds flat.

Could it possibly get worst? So, as I contemplated just what kind of tip I was going to give her, she finally came around with the bill. By now, I’ve been tapping my toes, tapping my fingers, and tapping my nose even whilst the patience level of myself and my son had almost left. I saw the bill, and I suppose this was the last straw. $5.99 for the soup and dessert combo addition. I couldn’t do it. It’s one stinkin’ dollar, but I just could not. When I finally waved her down, I explained to her that I clearly remember the combo was $4.99 on the menu. She looked flustered. I explained again that I remembered very clearly, it was $4.99 and that I’d be happy to point it out on the menu. She said she would check and return. She checked and said, “you got the big bowl of soup, the 4.99 was for the cup of soup and dessert. I looked at her like she had two heads and said. “I didn’t ask for the bowl of soup. I asked for the combo and pointed to the combo on the menu, for $4.99. The fact that you brought me the bowl vs the cup is irrelevant.” She then had the audacity to argue with me about whether I ordered a bowl or cup of soup. I explained again that I pointed to a picture of the combo, and tried to order the combo. I can SEE the picture on the menu. It’s ingrained in my head. I could draw it (if I could draw).

Oh good heavens. She went away. She came back. She said she is unable to void it, so instead gave me a dollar. I didn’t argue about the fact that her dollar and my dollar is different since I have to pay tax on the extra dollar on the bill. I also didn’t indicate to her (though I really wanted to) that I was simply going to remove the dollar from her tip anyway. I mean, really. How silly is this?

I gave her a poor tip. I seriously contemplated not giving her one at all. I go to this wonderful place because it’s fast and geared towards kids. But her service level made all of us cranky. I think I was happier before arriving than after leaving, and that just shouldn’t be the case. Going out for dinner should be fun.

Sigh. I know I’m tired, exhausted, and a bit cranky these days. So perhaps on a better day, I would have laughed off her customer service skills. Unfortunately for her, she just sucked today. Perhaps she was having a horrid day too and currently writing about the customer from hell arguing with her about $1.

– Daisy



  1. I like the end bit, where you imagine her writing about the customer from hell, arguing about the $1 … haha. I guess the best we can hope for is she will self-select out of the customer facing side of business. Maybe she will become a TTC booth person – firmly isolated from the world behind an 1″ of plate glass. 🙂

    I can’t believe you actually read it to the end. That’s got to be my longest rant ever (at least here on this blog). 🙂

  2. Bad customer service is one thing that gets me going too. It is expensive to eat out anymore, and you shouldn’t have to put up with less than stellar service. The fact that we are expected to tip, just so someone can bring us the food we ordered only adds insult to injury.

    My husband and I make a practice of overtipping. We understand what it is like to have to work with customers, especially with rude ones who keep you running and treat you like a lowly servant. But when you have good customers, such as yourself, who understand what it is like to work with the public, and so do everything in their power to make your job EASIER, the server dang well better be bending over backwards to make you happy.

    Unfortunately for poor Sofia, she probably will never “get it.” She’ll probably just complain about her “horrible” customers, just as you noted, instead of trying to become the best at whatever she does. It seems to be the customer service trend these days. Sadder still, when I’ve had poor customer service lately, the manager seems to side with his ill-performing employees.\

    There’s my rant, added to yours. 🙂

    Thanks so much for taking the time to add to my rant. It’s why when I get a great server, I’m just so happy and delighted. I still remember a great server I got about 10 years ago (yeah, that long ago and I still remember). We had such a great time, that we kept returning to the restaurant. Now, THAT’S the power of a great server. – Daisy

  3. I think you did quite well, I would have been screaming

    Thanks. I could have been far worse, and I could have been better – Daisy

  4. I am glad I don’t go there for my carrots

    I wouldn’t recommend it – Daisy

  5. Just to let you know I have tagged you for a theme post. If you would like to take part, go to the first folder of your pictures, select and post the 10th photo with a short explanation of what it is etc and then nominate 5 fellow bloggers to do the same {or not}.

    If you feel it doesn’t fit with your blog, please ignore.

    Mine is here

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