Posted by: Daisy | April 9, 2010

Rain and Pain

This has been a painful commuting week for me. The ground gets wet with rain, and suddenly, my commute becomes almost unbearable. It rained Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as I anxiously thought about all the things I wasn’t getting done. Add the actual pain of wasting time, to the pain from the injury in my foot/leg, and it spelled a particularly painful week. Of course, the foot affected would be the one required to drive with. But wait. I drive stick. So it doesn’t matter which foot I buggered up, it would still be painful.

I’ve been madly trying to get all my fitness classes taken care of and now that the upcoming few classes are good to go, I can enjoy my drink, and kivitch some more.

Days like this, I turn up the tunes, and try to put on a happier smile. 🙂

– Daisy


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