Posted by: Daisy | April 10, 2010

17 year olds and their cars

I watched the most hilarious show the other night called Top Gear. The hosts are a bunch of car geeks, who tell you what’s what with different cars. This particular show was funnier than usual when they decided to pretend to be 17 year old guys trying to purchase their first cars for 2500 pounds. (I just realized I don’t even know the symbol for pounds is. Oh dear.)

So, they get on the phone and look through the ads for ‘tossers’ that are cheap and might appeal a little to the 17 year old girls. They quickly realize that no 17 year old can get insurance for any reasonable rate. So, they change tactics and have now become the parent lying for their 17 year old. Oh gosh, I’m already killing myself laughing, and they haven’t even gotten to the ‘tests’ yet to determine which is the best car for a young man. Tests, you say? Why of course, we want to know which cars will give you the most bang for the buck.

After they have purchased the 3 cars including insurance, it’s now time to spif them up. With whatever money they have left from the origina 2500. One car, I believe it was a Volvo station wagon ended up with some fuzzy blankets(?!) in the huge backseat?

Another test involved driving down a steep grassy hill, and being the quickest to pack the camping gear and back up the hill. Ahh, this test involved the smashing of a back windshield when a certain camping item stuck out a bit too far. Have mercy, I’m still dying here.

Yet another test involved the tipping over of all cars since all 17 year olds are bound to be in situations where their cars will roll-over. So, just how easy/cheap is it to repair these wounds.

Of course, all 17 year olds need to know how to return home at 3am in the morning quietly so as to not disturb the parental units. Just which one is quietest and easiest to push/roll back into the driveway?

Lastly, there was even a timed track test littered with flower pots, shopping carts, sheds and other things that are commonly nicked by 17 year olds.

Top Gear was entertainment at its best. I wish I could dream up wonderful tests like that and then be able to crash, roll, and push these special cars to the finish-line in laughter-infested helmet.

– Daisy



  1. £ there you go now you know. I love top gear, they are so funny

    OF course! Where is that on my keyboard?!! – Daisy

    • above the 3 on my keyboard

      above the 3 on my keyboard is defnately not that symbol! – Daisy

  2. Top Gear is the best. I have been watching it for years. But it really got better when they re-launched it in about 2003. If you enjoyed that episode, tootle on over to to see more.

    okay, thanks. I did hear it’s been around for a LONG time. – Daisy

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