Posted by: Daisy | April 11, 2010

Rivers can get turbulent

I’ve described before about how I see life as a river and our choices as we travel it. For me, time to reflect on my surroundings on the river are so important to my personal well-being.

If I’m lashing out, I typically know it has something to do with outside forces and parameters that are preventing me from calmly dealing, relaxing or chilling about whatever the problem is. Sometimes, I am literally under water for what seems much longer than I can or should be able to handle. And then, other times, my body breaks down, and forces me to simply cruise.

My health has always been a spot on sign that I need a life jacket. I had a cold, I recovered but not quite, I got another cold (far worst than the first), then hurt my right leg. It’s difficult to swim without a life jacket and a gimpy leg.

I don’t mind the turbulence; I just need a little help sometimes to spot just how serious it is. I think I’ll cruise and rest a bit so I can ready myself to cross the really turbulent stuff.

– Daisy



  1. I like the ‘turbulent waters’ analogy. There is also a term in sailing, called “heaving to” that refers to a special rigging approach, to wait out a storm. Wikipedia says “It is commonly used for a ‘break’ while waiting out a storm”. On the trip to Greenland, we hove to on the 3rd day of a big storm, and it was amazing. We all went below, made pizza and sang. Worked wonders for our morale.

    Hope your ‘cruise’ give you what you need!

    Thanks – yeah, I hope so too. I really, really, really need it. – Daisy

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