Posted by: Daisy | April 15, 2010

Purple Pebble

I found a beautiful purple pebble
With beautifully etched glowing embers
Dancing in the moonlit sky
On a pretty spring evening

I would wish upon my pebble
Asking for sunshine
And the clouds would run away
Leaving pure delight in its radiance

I would ask for warmth
And I would notice the pretty blanket
Draped nearby
Ready to cozy me up

I carried it with me everywhere
And continued wishing for more
It granted me every wish
Large or small

One day I lost that pebble
And I looked everywhere frantically
For that seemingly perfect gift
Only found the other day

I railed and became angry
That I could have misplaced
Such a precious powerful pebble
Yet there I stood empty-handed

I mourned the loss of my wishes
Of the magic once in my hands
And blinked away
the hurt and tears

I returned to the spot
Wishing upon another moonlit night
For my purple pebble
To take my tears away

– Daisy



  1. That’s very sad, did you not find it again?

    I think we create our own magic, and sometimes, we rely on external factors to explain how things have come about. I think we can always find our magic again, if we trust our instincts. – Daisy

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