Posted by: Daisy | April 18, 2010

drive-by music; write-by music

“Oi. Hey baby, whatcha up to? Why’re you groovin’ so much?”

I love my laptop, don’t get me wrong, but the sound on it has always been tinny; underwhelming would be another word for it. I have never bothered to get speakers for it because, well, that would defeat the purpose of having something as portable as a laptop, now wouldn’t it?

I’ve resisted many technological advances in the past including taking eons before getting an MP3 player and a DVD player (oh yeah, I relied on VHS for decades). We only upgraded from our traditional ol’ tube TV to one of those newer ones last year, and I could go on and on about how I’m a slow adopter to new technology. Call me cheap. I just don’t want it until the masses bring the prices down significantly.

My latest addition is really simple and I wonder why I didn’t get it sooner considering how much I love listening to music, while writing the latest antics on this blog. I can now officially blast my music nice and loud through my headphones, the same way I blast it in the car. Welcome to 2000, Daisy, you’re only decades behind.

And if you’re wondering, yes, you can sometimes hear the music from my car when I’m stopped at a light with the windows rolled up – it’s that loud.

Happy music listening. My laptop and car are currently playing the following:

I’m Yours; Jason Mraz
So Alive; Love and Rockets
Sexual Healing; Marvin Gaye
You’re the Voice; John Franham
There must be an angel; Eurythmics
Near Wild Heaven; REM
The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight; REM
Always be here; Dane Rumble
I want you to want me; Cheap Trick
Sweet Home Alabama; Lynard Skynard
Ruined in a Day; New Order
Thieves like us; New Order
Locomotion; OMD
If you leave; OMD
Forever Live and Die; OMD
La Femme Accident; OMD
Rosanna; Toto
Hold me now; Thompson Twins



  1. Blimey, you’ll be using it to play solitaire next. 🙂 Haha.

    Great choices in music by the way. OMD, a recent re-discovery for me, I just bought their greatest hits.

    Crikey, who says I don’t already play solitaire with music on? Glad you like the music and thanks oh so much for sharing that spectacular mashup on your blog – Daisy

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