Posted by: Daisy | April 27, 2010

Why I don’t like some of my earlier posts

Notice anything funny?  I did.  There are not normally this many Canadians one after another visiting my humble space.  Normally, the Canadian is interspersed amongst the other countries.

I log into wordpress, and lo and behold, the answer is clear.  A scammy email was just sent out yesterday to a Canadian email distribution list.  I wrote about this silly email eons ago (March, 31, 2009) and now with a whole new distribution list, they’ve resent the email again.  How do I know it was sent out yesterday?  The people finding this space through searching for that company name has spiked my stats yesterday and today.

I have not even begun to explain “Why I don’t like some of my earlier posts”.  I have to provide further background.

I’ve written a few posts on ‘scams’.  One post generated quite a lot of ongoing visits for a very long time.  Then one day I found myself essentially locked out of my own blog.  I was then politely asked to remove the offensive legal term “scam” from the post, or else.  (I removed the word scam, and changed it to sc*m; however, clearly google searches are not looking for the word sc*m).  I was not about to get into an argument with legal authorities on the finer details of what the definition of scam is.  Nor was I about to refer to one particular commenter who was kind enough to provide the actual phone numbers of lawyers in California representing a gazillion people conned by said scamming company.  Let’s be real, this is not my fight to fight.

That was just one post.  I’ve written others too.

Which brings me to the title again.  Why don’t I like some of these posts?  And by “some posts”, I do mean scamming posts… Well, it’s simple.  The visitors who come around googling the scam, never ever look beyond that scam post of interest.  They come, they confirm it’s a scam, and they leave.

Thanks, and good day y’all.

Mental note.  I’m not writing about scammy companies again.  Unless I just want to spike my stats and have to deal with pain-in-the-butt legal threats.

– Daisy, who does feel good that she was threatened as there must be some truth in those posts.


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