Posted by: Daisy | May 12, 2010

Dear Daisy at 19 – cont’d

I wrote previously about a reflection of the past few decades and have more to tell my younger self.

Dear Daisy at 19,

  1. You’ll switch from black and white to greys and technicolour and everything will make more sense.
  2. Get lost many, many times and know that’s part of the adventure.
  3. Learn to ride a bike and you won’t run into cars anymore.
  4. Most people will laugh with you. And if they’re laughing at you, they’re probably not folks you’d like to know that well anyway.
  5. You’ll find the best deals, sales, gifts, and people in all the strangest places and when you least expect it.
  6. You’ll meet so many people you’ll want to help in one way or another and you’ll begin to develop skills you never thought you had.
  7. You’ll consider honing photography skills over and over again. Don’t wait any longer.
  8. You’ll make more lists, but the lists will be far less frequent, and have more value.

    – Daisy



    1. I love your Dear Daisy at 19 posts! They are filled with so much wisdom—wisdom that we all definitely could have used at 19, but probably would have disregarded anyway. I think you should make these posts (I hope there are more to come!) into a book. I would love to be able to hand a “Dear Daisy at 19” book to my favorite graduates some day as they begin their adult lives.

      A book?!! Well, that just seems out of this world. I don’t know that I’ve got enough for a book, but I certainly appreciate the huge compliment Randi! (How was your move? I was very surprised to see you here as I thought you were in the midst of a move.) – Daisy

    2. […] 1 and Part 2 exist already. Below is part […]

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