Posted by: Daisy | May 15, 2010

Imagine audio

I had this crazy idea that I’d post audio here on this blog.  Oh yes, something completely different.  I even have a short clip I have all ready to share, but unfortunately, I forgot a little detail – I can’t post MP3’s here on my free wordpress account.  Ooops.

So, I can’t post the file, but I can tell you all about it.

I can sometimes sound “drill sergeant” when I teach.  I have also been told, I have a very different and effective calming voice when I need to.  I have found that although I can “talk myself” through my own rest/relaxation/meditation, that sometimes, it’s easier to put on some music, and have someone else talk me through it.  A fellow instructor told me she recently had the opportunity to “be a participant” and instead of talking through the relaxation portion, she listened to another instructors’ voice.  She became so calm and relaxed, she had a great deal of trouble getting ready to teach the next class!  Oh, I understand completely what she’s saying.  As much as we coach people through this part, it really isn’t that relaxing for us; we’re thinking about what we need to say next; how to say it; what was that noise, and did anyone else hear it; are we on time, or do I need to cut it a little short?  The list goes on.  I do see the irony in all of this – we can tell everyone to “forget about their worries”, and the reality is, we, as instructors can not forget that we’re still teaching a class and we’re not there to relax.

Sometimes, I wish someone would talk me through 10 minutes.  But wait, just how difficult can this be?  So my crazy idea was that if no one would talk me through it, well, why don’t I play my favourite music, and talk myself through it?  I suppose I recorded a voice-over set to music to help me relax.  Gee, why didn’t I think of this sooner.  I could easily have an entire CD filled with different favourite songs, and voice-overs.  Heck, I could even splice the voice-over portion, speed it up or slow it down depending on the song.  Or, I could enjoy the process of recording it individually for each favourite song.  Ooo wee, it sounds like an interesting project plan!

I only wish I could have shared the clip with you.  It’s quite relaxing if I do say so myself.

– Daisy



  1. Hi Daisy. That’s very cool, you should definitely do that.

    I was never really into those kinds of things until a very dear friend of mine gave me one as a gift. I have to say I love it. I have put it on my iPod, my phone etc and I play it a lot.

    Ha ha.. “hey Mikey, I think he likes it!” – Daisy

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