Posted by: Daisy | May 25, 2010

Call the lawyers, we might need ’em

Have you seen the happy wrinkled couple who hold hands, and look into each’s others eyes?  They smile, they laugh.  They act a quarter of their age and you can’t help but smile yourself.  Just how is it possible to be that happy, for that long with the gal or guy of your dreams?  Well, apparently some studies have made some predictions.  I need to set aside my research methodology questions as I’m not sure about the validity of the study, however, many years after graduating, who am I to question their studies and results?  It’s an interesting thought and they believe you can predict successful, happy couples (after the fact) based on how similar they look to each other.  Happy successful couples look more alike, than unhappy ones.  They have happy smiling wrinkles and just generally look more alike.  (Ahh, honey, I think we might be screwed…) 

It seems (wait for this) ladies like to marry men who look like their fathers.  This is true EVEN for the adopted ladies.  Well clearly, I didn’t listen to that gene.  It also says we are more attracted to those who are genetically similar.  (Seriously.  You must be kidding.  If I wanted to marry my cousin, I would have.)

Okay, all kidding aside, I had to truly think about this, and how I could have so clearly defied this gene.  Then I realized, why of course!  If I’m looking for genetics that are more similar to mine, that doesn’t mean the man of my dreams looks like my father.  My father and I are a touch different; I-thought-I-was-adopted different.  Perhaps it is true afterall.  I’m looking for my genetic twin(ish), except mine doesn’t look at all like my father, brother, or uncle.  Phew.

I think they need to take the studies somewhere outside good ol’ London, Ontario (I went to school there, I’m allowed to slag my former school) to expand their look-alike genetics theory.  Otherwise, they might spur un-look-alike couples to call it quits.

– Daisy, who wishes non-look-alike Hubby a very happy anniversary tomorrow.



  1. my hubby couldn’t look less like my dad. As for us looking a like, mmmm lets say we are both round, but that’s about it.

    Well, at least you’re both round! My similarity with my hubby is we’re both human – Daisy

  2. Happy anniversary to you both!

    Thanks 🙂 – Daisy

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