Posted by: Daisy | May 25, 2010

crickets, tumbleweeds, and green frogs

Crickets.  Do you hear them?  You gotta listen very carefully.  Bring your ear just a touch closer… closer… come on, don’t be shy.  Do you hear it now?

If you don’t hear it, apparently, you might hear instead the tumbleweeds rolling by this blog.  Oh yes.  I got a gentle nudge today that it seems my blog has gone silent and has done this for far too long.  I think it was more like a shove than a nudge, but that’s okay.  I’m a big girl and I can shove back.  POW buddy!  Take that and rewind it back.

So the truth?  I’ve been busy with sounds.  Since I can’t share sounds here, I’m afraid I just won’t be able to share with you what’s been getting me groovin’ lately.  Some fabulous tunes for sure, some oldies, and some really mixed up stuff too.  I love it all.  My CD player’s been playing every day, my car stereo plays loud all the time, and my laptop’s been spinning in overdrive.  Certainly no cricket sounds near or around me.  In fact, you’d better watch out, or you’ll lose a few years of hearing near me.  I like my music loud.  I have one in particular that I absolutely love because it shows my favourite green frog Kermit singing a fabulous song.  Go ahead, and google “kermit creep” but be forewarned that the lyrics are not for those younger ones.

Enjoy and don’t forget to smile.

– Daisy



  1. I confess I was beginning to wonder if this thing was still on but I’d never be so rude as to mention the tumbleweed. I’d concentrate on the lovely flowers at the top instead…do they need watering? Haha.

    Welcome back Daisy!

    Oh yeah… I’m not good with watering plants.. weeds tend to take over instead.. did you know daisies are a weed? (not that the flowers above are daisies, or weeds) – Daisy

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