Posted by: Daisy | May 26, 2010

when we win the millions…

The family shared our favourite food – sushi – and discussed the goodies we’d get when we win the lottery later this week.  Hubby thinks it’s worth about 35 million or something crazy like that, so he tells the boy that if we win, he could have each and every single kind of transformer toy we can buy.  Oh boy, did he light up.  He’s already got a gazillion transformer toys, most of which I can’t transform, so what’s another few hundred more in all colours, shapes and sizes?

But silly me, instead of thinking about the easy solution of buying the transformers, I instead immediately thought about how to become a distributor or create a business around some unique aspect of the Transformer-type toy.  Hmmm.  I wonder what’s out there.  And when I win the millions, I could begin a very cool business.

But wait.  I’ve got millions to spend.  How about that wonderful little late 50’s Porsche 356 Speedster … what a sweet looking ride.  I even found one for sale – a 1959 one for a mere $170K.  Mmmm.  Hubby of course says that little car wouldn’t fit him or the kid and I wondered why in the world he’d want to sit in my shiny toy, when he’s got his own wheels.  “Ahhh, honey, here’s some cash.  Go take a taxi or get a chauffeur okay?  See you there ya?  Ok, ba bye!”.  Its so funny that he’s getting practical when talking about something as unlikely as winning the lottery.  Relax dude.  It’s just monopoly money.

Hubby has no idea what he wants.  He’s thinking safe, like he hasn’t won.  His big idea is a lifetime membership to beautiful golf courses.  Whoopdi doo, I think but instead, I say: “I think your golf clubs need a ride – I’ll bring ’em in my fancy smancy wheels, ok?” 

I love the game of “when we win the millions…” – what would you spend some dough on?

– Daisy



  1. I love this game; I would buy a house somewhere pretty with countryside and coastal walks close enough to walk. My house would have a big kitchen with a huge cooker, lounge, dinning room, utility, study, 6 bedrooms and three bathrooms, so that people could come and stay. It would have a drive on drive off drive and a big garage/workshop for hubby so he can play building bikes. It would have a big garden split into three, one part would be slabed and used for pegging out the washing, another part would be for growing the fruit and veg and keeping hens/goats/ducks and the last would be a flower filled garden, just for sitting in.

    I want it now.

    Bye, just popping out to buy a ticket

  2. Haha, I love the way lom is so vague about it. 🙂

    I too the car Daisy, except I wouldn’t stop at just the one, I’d need several to suit my varying moods. And then travel, there are so many places I want to see, I’d probably have to travel for a couple of years.

    OMG, I didn’t share my full 10 year plan if I win the millions. Its far more than just a car – there’s a two week plan, 2 month plan, first year, then years 2-5, and 5+. Mine’s just not laid out in detail just yet, but my 2 week plan involves figuring out some of the details while lounging on some hot beach drinking yummy drinks. – Daisy

    • I know what I want, just like Miss Piggy

      Isn’t it nice when you know what you want? – Daisy

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