Posted by: Daisy | June 6, 2010

the local scene

It’s the beginning of another year travelling to the local farm where we pick up locally grown goodies.  I always enjoy the drive, but today in particular, it was magically beautiful and I found myself desparately needing to capture a few moments of the surrounding area.  I have driven by this pond every week from June until November for what will be the third year, but have always been too rushed to stop and enjoy the scenery.  Today, I finally stopped the car and took a few shots with my little (mobile phone) camera.  I can’t really tell the results of the pictures until I get home and am able to see it on a screen larger than the palm of my hand, so of course, the quality of the pictures are always a little disappointing, however, I think the best part is what photo-geek jono did with one of my photos.  A little photoshop, and voila, it looks better than the original.  Thanks jono!  His photos (and I assure you he didn’t take them with a mobile phone) can be found here.

– Daisy



  1. Oh Daisy, you’re so very welcome, thank you for the mention. It just struck me straight away how very like a painting your picture seemed to be and so by applying a few filters I turned it into a watercolour. It really does look like a beautiful spot. Despite being so far away, it has quite an English feel to it.

    I’m really glad you liked it. 🙂

    thanks again, it looks way better as a watercolour than the real thing! – Daisy

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