Posted by: Daisy | June 12, 2010

the _____ zone

I’ve worn glasses since Grade 8.  That’s sometime in my early teens.  I’ve had plastic ugly ones, and wire-framed ones.  I’ve had pink, clear, bronze; the list goes on.  Glasses have been part of my life for many many years.  I guess you could say I’m blind as a bat and wouldn’t recognize my kid if he were standing 10 feet away from me.  I’ve been wearing contacts for the last few years, but I still wear my glasses at night, and occassionally during the day. 

Now it seems I’ve officially entered the dead zone, umm, I mean the old zone, umm, I mean… goodness gracious, tell me it isn’t so.  Are you sure I need bifocals?  Shoot me now, it’s been one of those years.  The great news is “reading glasses” as they are apparently called, are available everywhere, cost hardly anything, and I can just leave them on every table I might need them at.  So, here are two I’ve already purchased.  Bifocoal contact lenses don’t suit my eyes, so, even if I’m wearing contacts, I will now still need to put on glasses.  Hmmmmppph.  Doesn’t seem fair, does it.

I haven’t decided if I should actually get “progressive lenses” for my glasses (you know, the multi-focals without the icky line), or just make do with contacts and el cheapo reading glasses.  If it’s later at night, I’ll just have to squint at the screen like I’ve been doing for the last while.  Or wait, I can make the fonts bigger on every site, can’t I?  Crud.  Now I’ve entered a fill-in-the-blank zone.



  1. I had progressive glasses. Mine had three lenses, (long, middle and reading), I couldn’t get on with them. They made me feel sick, I kept walking into things and yes I did take them back several times to have them adjusted. They cost me £350 and I wore them jusy under 12 months before throwing them in the back of a cupboard and buying a pair from the supermarket for reading.

    Good to know. I haven’t decided yet, but I’ve heard others tell similar stories – Daisy

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