Posted by: Daisy | July 17, 2010


A sway and a swoosh, I took this picture a whole bunch of times as the wind blew through. Unfortunately for me, I almost fell down the hill and rolled into the water to get this shot, but at least I have something to show for it. Somehow, this photo simply makes me happy. Enjoy.

– Daisy



  1. Hey Daisy, I like this picture too. The same place as the other ones right?

    I love that a picture can cause such emotion. I think they can be as powerful as music in that respect sometimes.

    Yes, same as the ones you turned into watercolours. I drive up regularly and love the area; plus I do find that it’s like music, but different – Daisy

  2. Beautiful photo! Oddly enough, I took an photo almost exactly like this over the weekend, only yours is much better because I was a chicken and took mine from above, so it was from further away. No falling down the hill and into the water for me, no siree! 🙂

    RANDI! So happy to have you back. Yes, I knew I wanted to get in close as there was this.. feeling to it that I wanted to capture. Never quite the same as actually being there, but I like it almost as well as the live version – Daisy

  3. I’ll post my photo on my blog so we can always remember that great minds think alike!

    OMG, that’s so sweet – be right there – Daisy

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