Posted by: Daisy | August 16, 2010

Vacation: Sunday

I went looking for potholes, the stuff that’s naturally made from glaciers and water swirling and twirling. I’ve gone exploring into lands so close, yet far away from my day-to-day and I realize all I want to do is take a walk into the unknown and take pictures. There’s something extremely satisfying about walking on unsteady ground and seeing views requiring just a little work. Wet, rocky, buggy, leafy, loggy – you name it, it all feels a little more beautiful when you’ve got to get your hands and legs a little grimy to get the view.
Thank goodness the little (not so little) one enjoys these adventures too. He wasn’t so convinced before the first hike because he got impressions from others that it might not be his thing. However, during the first one, he discovered it like he discovered a new toy. This is pure joy for me; I want his latest toy to be a hiking adventure, not something found at the local retail shop which is unfortunately his idea of a good time. Perhaps I should plan a local trip every few weeks instead of a drop-in to the local Walmart while getting soap. Our busy lives just don’t seem to have the right priorities now that I have a chance to think about it.

How do I reset? How do I get away from the commercialism? How do I leave the city regularly? How do I show him this is not a once a year thing?

– Daisy


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