Posted by: Daisy | August 17, 2010

Vacation: Sunday Part 2

I love that I’ve got my blackberry strapped to my hip. This may sound strange considering I’m trying to get away, however, even as I get away, its nice to know things like the local weather. I google the local weather and discover my intended trek to Flower Pot Island near Tobermory, Ontario has been squashed until at least Tuesday when weather calls for a non-rainy day. So while I made a side trek to Owen Sound, I rely on my trusted GPS to tell me what attractions are “nearby”. Technology rocks! The museum was a flop, but the nearby Falls, now that was cool!
Before, I would have relied on brochures and pamphlets from the visitor centres and a reliance on map-reading to determine where and how to get to the next location. You may remember, map reading and directions are my worst nightmare – I think I’d rather have a root canal. I’m on vacation, not at the dentists’ chair, can this be fun please? Thank goodness for GPS, and the “nearby” function which helps direct in real time, the next best place to visit in a generally unplanned vacation. Technology in this crazy world helps me get back to basics and enjoy the day. How nutty is that? Next thing you know I’ll be watching the 4 hour miniseries DVD of Battlestar Galactica starting at 1:30am on my laptop because I really want to see it again. And yes, I did that last week. The only thing that’d make that image funnier is if I got back to basics in a tent, to watch it on a laptop – now that would be funny.


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