Posted by: Daisy | August 18, 2010

Vacation: Sunday Part 3

I finished a book the other night.

The only time I get to read these days is on an airplane, in an airport, or on vacation. I find that a very sad, sad thought considering I love to read. I used to read books upon books when many moons ago, I worked on the subway line, and I’d have to sit on a bus and/or train to get to work. That was decades ago and I remember one “issue” I ran into sometimes was, “what should I read next?”. Darn, if only that were my problem now.

Okay, it’s not entirely true, I have read a few books in the past few years when I wasn’t flying, or on vacation, but I’d definitely say I wish I could find more time to read. Isn’t this everyone’s wish? Why do we spend our lives wishing to do things we love, and yet never find or make the time to do it? Perhaps its because I’m on vacation, but I feel like enough’s enough today. If I wish to read more, just what will it take to do this?

Oh dear. I’ve got a mental list of things I need to do. It’s not pretty. I’m also not sure how to do it. I need to rebalance. Someone pass me a stick please.

– Daisy


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