Posted by: Daisy | August 29, 2010

All she wants is

I bought two CDs today. Its obvious I’m a girl of the 70’s and 80’s with Elton John’s rocket man #1’s, and Duran Duran Greatest.

I made a notorious error though – I forgot Hubby absolutely hates Duran Duran with a passion. You could see he had a view to a kill as he eyed my brand new CD with thoughts of finding a way to make it come undone. “What child of the 80’s on planet earth, this ordinary world doesn’t love Duran Duran?” I wondered. It was a time when we all knew regular and wild boys enjoying girls on film, always remembering to save a prayer that they wouldn’t be caught by unknowing parental units. Plus, the reflex was and will always be to blame any evidence on ones’ siblings. It didn’t matter that the poor boys were hungry like the wolf and seemed like they were always looking for a new moon on monday, or tuesday, or any day of the week.

On the other hand, for those gals partying in rio and other places, they were always looking for a union of the snake since its clear all she wants is… was I that naive? Is there something I should know?

– Daisy


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