Posted by: Daisy | August 30, 2010

Lost posts I never wrote

Earlier this summer, I spent a wonderful weekend away with a great group of friends where we had the opportunity to chat, laugh, and not quite cry.  We had pretty hilarious discussions, and I jotted down some notes (below) that I had planned to write more about it. I had approximately 70% of these posts in my head, and thought that if I simply jotted down some quick notes, by the time I found time to write them, it’d be enough to remember. I didn’t realize it would be a few months later before I found the notes (below) and DOH, I’ve completely forgotten what they were all about.

Perhaps it might be even more amusing to wonder just what they might have been about?

a) What makes that poor girl choose to get married to the most horrid guy?
b) Weddings, babies, and how single girls think of this pipe dream.
c) Single gals vs Single guys; how impossible finding each other seems to be.
d) Dating a lost cause
e) Being a lost cause
f) Funerals and other places not to look for dates
g) Making yourself marketable

Oh dear. They can’t possibly be only about boys.

h) Horrors and other spooky stories around campfires

Oh dear. The last one is about boys too.

– Daisy



  1. ooh can’t you make something up, it all sounds very interesting

    Haha.. I’m sure if I tried very hard, I’d remember bits of the conversation – Daisy

  2. […] back when… okay, not that long ago, but earlier this summer, I jotted down some posts that I never had a chance to write inspired by a weekend away with some ladies. One of them was: b) […]

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