Posted by: Daisy | September 12, 2010

memories redefine the new reality

Our memories are terrible things to rely on. Memories change the recent, and long past on a regular basis based on our individual interpretations of what has happened. With our ongoing learning, some of those interpretations get changed as we see the past in a slightly different way. I never really believed I could change so much of the past until I began re-reading older posts, and I realized in actuality – that is not exactly the way I remembered it. No wonder I need to write it down. No wonder I love pictures to capture the moment in a way that has less room for interpretation.

It makes me wonder just how much of my past of 5, 10, and 15+ years has changed, if only in my mind. At the same time, it’s also interesting to see the parts that have stayed so consistently the same – the essence of me. In many ways, I have not changed one bit, and yet I know I’m also in some respects, unrecognizable. Just how complex are we all?

– Daisy



  1. A nice thought provoking post Daisy. Coincidently I had a conversation recently with a good friend of mine along similar lines. We were saying that you can share an event with someone and you can actually jointly manipulate the memories of it until you are both certain that it occurred in a particular way or that it even occurred at all. However a third party observer might say it completely differently.

    John Lennon once said that we glorify the past when the future looks bleak. I’m sure that is true to a point, but I prefer to think of it a little more positively than that. Perhaps that is why I have so many wonderful memories to look back on.

    Oooh… “jointly manipulate the memories until you are certain it occurred in a particular way” – very cool! Thanks. 🙂 – Daisy

  2. I can’t remember yesterday haha. No daisy you have made a very good point and got me thinking, which is not an easy thing to do.

    Oh you lie LOM! You think far more than you’re willing to admit – Daisy

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