Posted by: Daisy | October 5, 2010

Things I hate to admit

I’m currently bopping my head to Spice Girls. Oh yes, and I’m so embarrassed to say that, but the truth is, it appeals to me (right now). So as I’m listening, it occurred to me, I probably have a list longer than if Sleep Country Canada put all their mattresses end to end…

But I digress. Perhaps I should simply start a list, and see where it goes. Let’s be super-duper honest… just what do I hate to admit?

I like some Spice Girls songs
I’m wrong
Navigating politics is an important skill
I’ve got a super-short temper sometimes
I’m a lot like my family in some ways
I’m full of it
I love material things
Some people should die today
I’m selfish
Some people need to get a thicker skin
I need to get a thicker skin
I’m super demanding
Its all about me
I’m not as fit as I was a few years ago
I’m old
That skirt is too short for me to wear because I’m old
My skin doesn’t look as youthful as it used to
My knees are shit
My joints are shit
My hearing/memory/sight are shit
I’d like to go postal one day

I’m currently grinning at all the stupid things I’ve written above. What a relief.

What do you hate to admit?
Or even funnier – What else do you think I hate to admit?

– Daisy



  1. Good list! I laughed through most of it because it sounds like me. Especially the knees part.

    I hate to admit that because of my knees, climbing a ladder scares me.

    I also hate to admit that I now ask my 12 year old son to open jars for me because I can’t.

    And finally, I hate to admit that sometimes when I wake up in the morning there is a gray hair boinging out of the top of my head, when I swear it was not there yesterday.

    Don’t even start with me on those crazy boing-ing hairs – Daisy

  2. It can’t be all about you, because it’s all about me!

    my list

    I can be wrong
    I’ve got a very short temper sometimes
    I’m full of it
    Some people should never have been born
    I’m selfish
    Some people need to get a thicker skin
    I’m super demanding
    I’m not as fit as I was a few years ago
    I’m old
    I’m fat
    My face looks like an ordnance survey map.
    My hearing/memory/sight have given up and gone
    Most of my body has given up, what doesn’t work properly has fallen off.
    I love to moan
    I have fibbed to get my own way.
    I love to gossip

    haha, I am really not a nice person am I

    hahahaah.. nice shmice. I like you this way – not fearful of the truth – Daisy

  3. I hate to admit…

    Nope I can’t admit to it, not here, not now. 🙂

    Hahaha. Remember, when you won’t admit the truth, people will just let their imagination go wild and think even nuttier thoughts – Daisy

  4. That I ate all the carrots in the cupboard

    Oh Bunty.. don’t be silly. I put more carrots out for you – Daisy

  5. I say, go ahead and wear the skirt you will always be younger than me. If you “go postal” please, please start at work or the gym!
    All the other ones I can work around.


    You know me.. I’ll wait until the perfect time to go postal at work or the gym. No problemo! And, when do you find time to read my blog anyway? – Daisy

  6. I hate to admit…

    My true feelings,
    How badly I feel,
    I’m selfish,
    I’m insensitive,
    I’m thoughtless,
    I don’t appreciate my friends enough,
    I don’t appreciate my family enough,
    How much I hate the world,
    How little I could do to fix the world,
    How much I want to on.

    I like what I’ve seen of your blog, thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for the visit ApocJ and hope you’ll return again. I’d have to agree with your list as well. Damn it! – Daisy

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