Posted by: Daisy | November 8, 2010

Growing Spots

People change.

I remember when I was younger (a wee lil thing), I went away, came back, and my friends told me I had “changed”. The way they said wasn’t in the nicest way and if you read between the lines, the real question was “what the heck happened to you?”.

I know I’ve been through quite a few changes over the years – some slowly morphed over a few decades, and some changed in a matter of a few short years. I am far changed from the wee lil thing of yesteryears, yet for those who know me, I know they can still see the essence of Daisy. The real question is do they actually like the true me. I have since learned that this doesn’t really matter because if they don’t like you, well, perhaps you’re not as good “friends” as you originally thought – duh.

There were people who could not tolerate this change – those who tried to “unchange” me. I’m not sure if they thought that by using certain phrases, or having me read between the lines, this poor acceptance of the revised me would actually convince me to unchange back. What they didn’t understand is that these fundamental changes aren’t things you can simply undo. In essence, I grew new spots. By suggesting that I could return to my former self, would be the equivalent of trying to rub out a leopord’s spots – it just can not be done. It simply gets raw, hurts and will still be there whether you like it or not.

Change happens and sometimes beyond our control. Spots grow. So what should we do about these spots? Should we fight them? Try to rub them out ourselves? Ask our friends and family to rub them out? I ask this because time and time again, I’ve heard of people asking others to help rub out spots. We are our own worst enemy denying who we are! I think a better question to ask when it comes to spots, is just what kind of an impact do they have. Are they a menace to your life? Can you not function with the spots? Do you have trouble holding down your job because of your spots? Do you get in trouble with the law with your spots? Are you risking your life with your spots? I didn’t think so. So why are we trying so hard to ignore who we’ve grown into? My name is Daisy, and I declare I am not a wall-flower anymore – I’m a leopard – hear me roar! (I know you’re smiling, don’t deny it.)

So. Have you noticed your own spots yet? Have you noticed someone else’s? Do me a favour, and stop trying to rub off your own skin, and admire the damn spots for what they are – a new you.

– Daisy Roars 🙂



  1. my new spot is ‘NO’ I used to say yes to everthing, but then I learnt the word no, and yes I was told I had changed. The only way I can see I have changed is I am no longer a doormat

    Somehow, I could not even imagine you as a doormat. I suppose the new spot is well ingrained in the past 2 years. 🙂

    • I suppose it is now, but it still surprises some people when I say no and myself at times. I was a doormat for years, funny thing is you don’t see it at the time.

  2. Well who’d argue with a roaring Daisy? Not me that’s for sure. 🙂

    Wise words as usual. Excuse me whilst I head off to embrace my spots. Haha.

    YES! Go get ’em Tiger! 🙂

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