Posted by: Daisy | November 13, 2010

Good things

I know why all good things come to an end. We need contrast in order to know and feel the difference. Without that contrast, it seems we don’t appreciate those highs.

Remember the last time you were sick and had trouble breathing through your nose? Where were you? In bed, laying awake, just wishing and hoping you had clearer sinuses? You might have thought “I forgot how great it is to be able to breathe without trouble. When I’m well again, I’m going to count my blessings.” When you were well again, you soon forgot how lucky you were to be able to breathe.

Perhaps it is not that all good things come to an end. Maybe the moment simply ends and transforms itself to return in a different form at a later time so that it can really be appreciated.

We should count our blessings.

– Daisy



  1. What a great sentiment. I really like how you look at things Daisy, you give a whole new perspective.

    Thanks as always

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