Posted by: Daisy | December 1, 2010

Turn it on

I don’t know what it is, but I listen to LOM. She told me to turn my snow on, and so I am reminded I haven’t written a peep, and must login here if only to satisfy her need to see snow wherever she goes. What a lovely lady to remind me of the simple pleasures in life.

It seems those over the Atlantic pond have experienced a bit of snow while folks like me are still stepping into our cold rainy ick. I’d rather have snow to be honest, but not the heavy stuff that requires shoveling. At least, not just yet – maybe in a few short weeks I’ll be ready for that stuff. Instead, I find myself stunned its December already, and I haven’t done a thing. Truly, I must be struck down by the holiday elves at my consistent avoidance of Christmas (LOM will strike me down for this, I know it). It’s not the first year, and it certainly won’t be the last. While my neighbours have decorated with lights, my house.. well my house is my house.

You see, here’s the really funny thing. I won’t change anytime soon. It just doesn’t hit my radar, even though every single radio station, and commercial is trying to sell me on the holiday spirit and all the shopping one must do to take care of all the good folk. No, instead, I’m still thinking about all the other basic things I need to do like look at renewal rates for mortgages, look at that email about swimming classes, figure out when I’m going to learn some new music, find out where my certification is for the weekend, and more crud like that. I used to be far more organized, but it seems to have lost its place in my life along with sanity. Oh wait, the sanity was never a staple in my life. Ignore that one.

Enjoy the snow and go shopping for me, will ya?

– Daisy



  1. I already have. 🙂

  2. Meh. Sanity’s overrated, don’t you find? Much better to go ape crazy all over the place, and apologise later! I love the virtual snow, Daisy. Very relaxing. 🙂

    PS: I have a surprise for you over at my Links page. 😉

    I’d have to agree – go ape crazy and apologize only as required. Thanks for the link-love! 🙂 – Daisy

  3. BUT IT’S DECEMBER, IT’S CHRISTMAS. oooh I do love the snow hehe, and I only have your welfare at heart, I would hate you to miss a second of all the snowy, Christmassy fun!

    Oh my golly, your xmas cheer is just… well, it makes me grin – how about we leave it at that? – Daisy

    • Lots of people say things like that to me! hahaha


  4. the neighbours decorated with lights 4 years ago, they just get turned on in December 🙂

    Oh yeah.. that does seem familiar now… cheaters – Daisy

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