Posted by: Daisy | December 14, 2010

I live under a rock

Hubby just introduced me to a concept I had never heard of.. I told him I was inspired and about to write something about Frodo and Samwise, when he then called them Lil Bears (or was it Hobbit Bears?) to which I turned and said “huh?”.

I had to google it (thank the hills for wikipedia) and had my opens opened. But even before that, I found a term I had never heard of – an acronym in fact, that I too click on and went… ooooohhhhh. Wow. From the 1990’s eh? In San Francisco eh? They’ve got a popular magazine too? And Riker, my hero from Star Trek is a bit of an icon? Just what rock have I been hiding under? Good heavens, perhaps it’d be better if I pretended like I didn’t know english to explain myself.

How does one live life oblivious to… life?

Well, I do know. I tend to avoid television and radio. I hate that stuff because its all bad news, but it seems in my avoidance of it, I end up living under a rock completely unaware and sounding like I’ve missed a few decades. I’m not sure I’ve got a solution for it just yet but I’m a tiny bit less ignorant now than I was earlier… perhaps I should come out from hiding more often?

– Daisy



  1. Just in case I don’t get time later, Have a wonderful holiday Daisy.
    Warm wishes to you and yours

    Thanks so much LOM – I hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday – Daisy

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