Posted by: Daisy | December 28, 2010

Looking back

I do a lot of “looking back” this time of year.

One thing I found completely fascinating was looking back at this blog of yesteryears. A long-time reader made mention of how interesting it is to look back (and laugh, cry and smile) at previous posts and comments. What’s also interesting, is that I am not always sure in re-reading posts, what the heck in detail I was referring to.

Let me start over again. There are many posts with multiple meanings, multiple references, and many thoughts rolled into one. There is usually inspiration for why I wrote the post in the first place. Sometimes, it’s an event, something a person said or did, or something I read. Sometimes (although not always) when a real-life person is involved, I might protect their identity. In the course of stepping away from that detail, and heading up towards the forest, I have found quite a few times, people emailing me asking me, “was that post about me?” In most cases, I’m afraid they were wrong – it wasn’t about them. But it says a lot about how similar we all are to each other. We feel the same pain, suffering, and joy, if only from the level of the forest.

So bringing it back to present day, there are posts where I have so cleverly masked the detail that even I have forgotten just what inspired that post and thought. Just who was I writing about? Was it anyone? Or was it a group of people? Or were no people even involved?

It doesn’t actually matter. I still like these posts. They remind me what I believe to be the truth, even if I have the memory of a gnat.

– Daisy


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